MOGA Controller support on Lollipop (In Unity)

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So, I recently had an issue where a project I was working on needed to work with the MOGA controllers, but also needed to support Lollipop. (Android TV, etc). However, the MOGA Plugin for Unity3d (!/content/7305) has not been updated since Feb 04, and doesn’t work on Lollipop! Here I’ll look at why this doesn’t work, and how I fixed more »

FYP Part 5 – Fixing things!

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While progress is going well, I need to step back and fix a few of the issues in my project. One of these issues is lack of continuity on the surface normals. Another, different but related issue is holes in the mesh. Both of these happen between the different mesh segments. So far, I’ve fixed the second issue by rewriting more »

FYP Part 4- Threading!

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So, at the moment, the mesh generation and the texture generation are all being handled on the main thread. This isn’t acceptable, as these can be fairly heavy operations. However, Multi-threading has a slightly issue. The Unity API is not multi-threaded, and there are built in checks in Unity to make sure that you only access the unity API from more »

FYP Part 3 – Subdivision!

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One of the aims of my project was for the planet to look convincing from far away in space, all the way down to the surface. This means that I needed to create some Level of Detail system. Since I’m using a Sphere-Cube system, I can split each face recursively, into a QuadTree! This means each face will be split more »

FYP Part2 – Texturing!

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I had a lot of issues with texturing the planet. My initial method involved using the surface normal or position on the sphere (Since it was at the time, a unit sphere with no extra distortion such as height displacement) as the look up value for a cubemap. However, I could never get this method to work correctly due to more »

FYP Part 1 – Procedural Planet Generation – It begins!

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So, for my Final Year Project (Herby referred to as FYP), I’m creating a Unity plugin for procedural generation of planets in realtime. I’ve begin work on it, here’s some shots of very early progress: Basic mesh generation. I occidentally missed off a pair of brackets, leading to er, this result. Added the bracket, and now I have a plane more »