FYP Part2 – Texturing!

Jacob Keane Blog

I had a lot of issues with texturing the planet. My initial method involved using the surface normal or position on the sphere (Since it was at the time, a unit sphere with no extra distortion such as height displacement) as the look up value for a cubemap. However, I could never get this method to work correctly due to some strange distortion issues where the texture wouldn’t match up in some places with what it should do.

I eventually decided to go with a more normal method, and just used a seperate texture for each mesh, and generated the UV co-ordinates for them. This worked fine, and when the mesh was height displaced, it still matched up correctly!

Here you can see planet textured with the height value looked up on a simple gradient (Black > Red > Yellow > Green > Blue > Purple > White)

Here it is with a sensible gradient being used for the look up!

There are still several problems at this point with the UV co-ordinates and texture seams, but these will be fixed!

(Notably here, the UV co-ordinates are slightly off, and the texture mode is set to repeat and not clamp)