Advanced Search Search : Unity Extension

Jacob Keane C#, Unity3D

Stop wasting time searching through your project hierarchy, using advanced scene search! Advanced Scene Search lets you search through all the objects in your current scene, using wildcards for the name, searching for specific components, tags, layers, etc! Search by name Use wildcards, or even Regex! Search by components via Combinations of components Set amounts of components Drag and drop more »

Oculus Rift Sporting Tournament Data Viz Experience (Under NDA)

Jacob Keane C#, Unity3D, VR

A mixed reality experience for a major European sporting tournament. The project including working with numerous stakeholders to create a VR game with rich haptic feedback, interactions and integrating & visualizing live data from the sporting tournament. The experience was shown to attendees and crowds at certain games during the tournaments. It was produced using Unity, and used the Oculus more »

Google Cardboard Marketing App (Under NDA)

Jacob Keane C#, Unity3D, VR

Working with several extremely well-known companies, we produced a VR marketing application for one of the biggest films of 2015, for a major well-known IP. The project was made for Google Cardboard, for both Android and iOS and was integrated into their existing app & backend, downloading & playing 360 video with spatialized 3d audio Some of the tasks I more »

Babel: Tower the the Gods

Jacob Keane C#, Game, Unity3D, Unreal, VR

Babel: Tower the the Gods is a Virtual Reality, physics-based puzzle game designed around roomscale VR for the HTC Vive / SteamVR.   What Is Babel: tower to the Gods? It’s a charming physics based puzzle game designed around room-scale VR for the HTC Vive, which will test your coordination and wits, as you battle physics while working out how more »

Pocket Sergeant (2.0)

Jacob Keane Apps, C#, PHP, Software, Web

A major update to Pocket Sergeant was requested, the ability to have all the information be stored on a server where it can easily be edited, and have updated deployed instantly without having to wait for them to be processed by the App Stores. Along with this, a redesign of the UI for the app was requested, so it was more »


Jacob Keane C#, Game, Unity3D

SockaMonkeys is a football themed game aimed at children, produced by SockMonkey Studios. It features several minigames, fun animated characters, and a full character customization system. Released on iOS & Android in June 2016. Integration of characters & animations produced in Spine (A skeletal 2d animation tool) Character customization system Consultancy on how setup the art & animations to be easily customizable Custom spine shaders more »

Lexus VR

Jacob Keane C#, Unity3D, VR

Back in the days when the Oculus DK2 was the latest and greatest in the VR headset space and tracked controllers were still a far off dream, I helped Hammerhead VR to produce their Lexus VR experience. I was brought in towards the end of the project after they’d produced the majority of the 360 video content, to use my more »

Real-time Procedural Planet Generator

Jacob Keane C#, Graphics, Unity3D

Content creation has always been a been a issue for games – Especially for larger worlds, more time is required to create the content, and a lot of storage is needed for it! This is an issue for games that require vast universes, such as space exploration games. In this project, I created an expandable framework for providing procedural planet more »

FlipFlop (7DFPS)

Jacob Keane C#, Game, Game Jam, Unity3D

FlipFlop is a first person puzzle platformer game, created for the 7DFPS Challenge It was the third most popular game of the gamejam, and has now been played over 5000 times! I created it in a week using C# and the Unity3D engine. Check the minisite for the game: Download links, videos and more information can be found there!


Jacob Keane C#, Software

A ship editor for Faster Than Light Faster than Light is a ‘spaceship simulation roguelike-like’ by Subset games. After playing it for a while, I felt like it really needed some way of creating your own ships! I did some reasearch on how the game stored the ship data, and how the ships were created, and decided that an easy more »