Boursin Sensorium Hardware Integration

Jacob Keane Cpp, Unreal, VR

For HammerheadVR’s ‘Boursin Sensorium’ experience, I was brought in to consult on, and implement hardware integration of various peripherals, tied into set points of the experience, produced in Unreal Engine 4 The hardware integrated was a 4 slot, USB controlled ‘scent machine’, fans, and a webcam. I produced blueprint nodes that could easily be hooked up to set points in more »


Jacob Keane Cpp, Game

HAPICrawler was a game created for one of my university modules, Games Engine Construction, for which the game recieved 94%! Language used: C++ Frameworks/libraries used: HAPI, FMOD Features: Procedural level generation Using a recursive BSP tree structure for generating the rooms, and A* pathfinding to connect them Particle system Lighting system Distance attenuated and line-of-sight based lighting Gameplay video: Download: